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Modular engineering of conventional plants

Using MTP for world-scale industry plants


Publikationsform: Fachartikel
Artikelnummer: 03654_2022_04_03
Zeitschrift: Modular engineering of conventional plants
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.04.2022
Autor: Mario Hoernicke, Katharina Stark, Nicolai Schoch, Ralf Jeske, Artan Markaj, Alexander Fay,
Verlag: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Seiten: 9
Publikationsformat: PDF
Sprache: Deutsch
Themenbereich: Automatisierungstechnik


Although it is expected that 25 % of future process plants in chemical and pharmaceutical industries will be built utilizing modular fabrication and automation by 2030, the question arises how to leverage the potential of modular automation for the remaining process plants. This contribution will show a concept of a modular engineering approach for conventional process plants, based on Module Type Package (MTP) and so-called Function Modules. The concept has been validated with an oil and gas use case which has been reviewed in several workshops.

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