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Process monitoring and automated data analysis in 3D printing

Application example with low cost sensors


Publikationsform: Fachartikel
Artikelnummer: 03654_2023_11-12_03
Zeitschrift: Process monitoring and automated data analysis in 3D printing
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2023
Autor: Carissa Michalkowski, Markus Echsel,
Verlag: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Seiten: 9
Publikationsformat: PDF
Sprache: Deutsch


The Fused Layer Modeling (FLM) 3D printing process becomes more and more common in industrial applications. In an environment of rapid production and customer services, the printed parts need to be quality proved for a save and reliable usage. In order to achieve this without expensive post processing steps, the monitoring and analysis of the printing process is necessary. This work presents the results of feasibility studies for different low cost sensors to monitor the FLM printing process and the development of a data analysis system for evaluating the printing process. The process should be sufficiently monitored to avoid costly ensuing part testing.

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