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Contribution to Safety Extension of IO-Link Wireless

Employing the black channel principle with respect to IEC 61784-3:2021


Publikationsform: Fachartikel
Artikelnummer: 03654_2023_09_04
Zeitschrift: Contribution to Safety Extension of IO-Link Wireless
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2023
Autor: Thomas Doebbert, Henry Beuster, Gerd Scholl, Walter Schlögl, Peerasan Supavatanakul,
Verlag: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Seiten: 9
Publikationsformat: PDF
Sprache: Deutsch


This paper descibes an enhancement of IO-Link Wireless with an additional safety and security communication layer employing the black channel principle to fulfill safety requirements with respect to IEC 61784-3:2021. An extended channel model based on uniformly distributed segments (UDS) superimposed with the binary symmetric channel (BSC) is applied to simplify the residual error probability (REP) calculation, to detect additional error patterns, and to consider BSC-preserving cryptographic algorithms. Also, the REP with respect to the underlying security layer as well as the probability of failure per hour (PFH) are quantified.

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