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Call for Papers: Industrial Communication

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Autor: Jonas Völker

Call for Papers: Industrial Communication
Issue 4/2022 of atp magazin focusses on industrial communication projects that have found their way into products, plants, and machines. Foto: Pugun & Photo Studio

The Advanced Physical Layer (APL), which is currently being introduced, offers numerous new possibilities for plant automation as well as for the implementation of “Industrie 4.0”-scenarios. As a result, industrial communication is once again becoming the focus of current developments, making the end-to-end use of digital signal paths a reality. However, not only APL, but also numerous parallel advances in gateway technology, edge devices, 5G, security layers, and Time-Sensitive Networking are contributing to the all-round reshaping of communication in plants. After more than 10 years of “Industrie 4.0” and plant digitization, the field layer is becoming part of the digital chain, closing the last missing link for continuity from the field to the cloud.

Industrial Communication in atp magazin 5/2022

In issue 4/2022, atp magazine focuses on transfer projects that have found their way from pre-development into products, plants, and machines. Exemplary topics are:

  • Advanced Physical Layer (APL)
  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  • Digital industrial communication technology
  • Gateway technology / edge devices
  • IoT communication protocols
  • Engineering for flexible industrial communication
  • Modeling of communication relationships
  • And much more…

Contributions can be submitted from all areas (manufacturing, building, infrastructure, energy, medical, etc.) of automated systems. In addition to contributions from current research work, we are looking for case analyses, introductory examples, and practical reports.

Please submit these using the atp paper template (Autorenhinweise atp magazin – via email to by Dec 1, 2021.

All contributions will be peer-reviewed. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mike Barth
Editor-in-Chief Science
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