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Call for Papers: Decarbonization through automation

Autor: Jonas Völker

Call for Papers: Decarbonization through automation
In issue 3/2023, atp magazin is devoted to the role of automaton technologies in the context of decarbonization.

The industry is facing one of the greatest challenges of recent decades. On the one hand, the requirements for flexibility and efficiency are increasing, while at the same time CO2 emissions are to be massively reduced and production made climate-neutral. Leading associations, such as the ZVEI or NAMUR, postulate the necessity of a technology and electrification offensive for this. Automation technology plays an essential role here and can make significant contributions to decarbonization and energy efficiency both in engineering, but also and above all in plant operation.

Decarbonization in atp magazin 3/2023

In issue 3/2023, atp magazin is devoted to the role of automation technologies in the context of decarbonization:

Exemplary topics are:

  • Advanced Process Control Applications
  • Electrification of plants
  • Energy Optimization Cockpits, Workflow Management and Process Mining
  • Energy Harvesting Applications or sensor/actuator technologies
  • Smart Grids, DC-Technologies, Battery Storages, PV-Technology
  • Hydrogen Technologies
  • Deep Sleep Technologies
  • AI Technologies for increasing efficiency
  • and many more.


In addition to contributions from research, we are looking for case analyses, introductory examples, and industrial development reports.

Please submit this as your main contribution via email to by the 30th November 2022. All contributions are peer-reviewed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mike Barth
Chief Editor Science atp magazin

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